Akamai Technologies

“Jo-anne at Evolve has lead a business English evolution at Akamai over the last year – focusing not only on language skills but also understanding and adjusting to our global colleagues, clients and general audience in a variety of scenarios.
Group courses in various departments and individual courses across the board have shown significant results and received excellent feedback.
Highly recommended!”


Hilla Shapira HR Manager at Akamai Technologies


“Jo-anne has been wonderful to work with. She’s practical and smart and understood what we wanted her help with. She was able to connect with each person she worked with in a way that proved successful for that individual. I appreciate the way she helped support their English communication skills as well as grow their confidence. On a personal level she’s been a treat to work with – pleasant, timely, accurate and honest.”


Neomi Farkas Global HR Manager at Taboola

BDO Consulting Group

“I am regularly assisted by the services of EVOLVE in preparation for travel abroad and the delivery of international public companies’ presentations.
EVOLVE gives me added value by providing valuable advice to improve my performance and delivery of information within the international arena, and assists me with extensive experience and skills in a fun and pleasant atmosphere.
I highly recommend EVOLVE as talented and professional with initiative and dedication.”


Dana Gottesman-Erlich, Partner, Risk Advisory Services


“Jacada has been working with EVOLVE for 5 years, accompanying us in the development, and promotion of corporate executives and employees in private and group meetings. EVOLVE has a high level of understanding of the relevant business for each employee or group in R&D, Finance, Human Resources, and management.

I highly recommend EVOLVE as a pleasant and very professional accompaniment.”


Shiri Efroni, Global HR & Israel Site Manager

CBC Group

“In light of impressive recommendations I decided to try EVOLVE. It has been a great pleasure to find a partner in learning, who has the ability to adjust to the level of the student, has incredible flexibility in building the training set to suit their needs, and possesses grace and friendliness. These have all worked to dramatically improve my confidence and have brought me much pleasure and benefit.
Highly recommended to all.”


Nadav Geller – Director of Corporate Marketing Activity


“Working with EVOLVE, is a holistic encounter between culture, linguistics and business. Skilfully navigating their students with wisdom while creating a series of confidence-building bridges, bringing the student to the real essence of  communication on all levels and the abundance of its implications. EVOLVE builds linguistic consciousness and this experience allows Hebrew speakers to succeed in the English-speaking global market.”


Orna Gindi,  Managing Director


Carat Israel


“Communication is not only limited to the knowledge of vocabulary and tenses.
EVOLVE manages to convey what is beyond the language – the customs, expressions and the right way to communicate.”


Judith Ifrach, CFO



“The fact that EVOLVE is the only language trainer we have worked with for several years attests to our high satisfaction. All Imperva students have expressed great satisfaction and testified that working with EVOLVE has brought them significant improvement. Beyond professionalism and experience, is a pleasant atmosphere and high spirits. ”


Udi Itzhayek, VP Israel Site Manager

Oved Gubi & Co.


“Our office has worked with EVOLVE for many years in a variety of areas:
Training groups of accountants and economists, personal coaching for our senior partners and executives, proofreading of financial reports, etc. EVOLVE provides thorough and professional services and a pleasant atmosphere.”


Financial Consultants



“At the end of the course, employees gave high marks on the delivery of the course and the instructor. I am sure that if we need other courses in the future, we will select EVOLVE’s services.”


Keren Sivia, Director of Human Resources